1. Ongoing Feedback

2. Resources
o enVision
o NY Ready Books
o Number Worlds – print and online

3. PD With Larry Farrell – K-2 & 3-5 groups focusing on “Number & Operations in Base Ten” (NBT)

4. Math Lab Students – RR, ICT, SC, other?

5. Family Letters – Separate handouts

6. Math Lab Data 16.17 & Number Worlds Curricular Plans
o Number Worlds Grade Level pre and post tests
o Number Worlds Unit pre and post tests
o HHH District Wide Benchmark Tests

7. IC Access

8. Future Topics to Discuss …
o Using Excel
1. The kick off to the year has been extremely smooth, and many are using the new resources available to them.
1. There is some concern about accessing the hyperlinks within the 2nd grade curriculum guide at VA. Kim plans to follow up here.
2. Thank you everyone for sharing our resources where needed. The final resources will be delivered to our schools soon. Keep Ian updated with any future needs.
3. Ian plans to share an agenda (CPO) for all teachers to be aware of these upcoming plans. Larry plans to focus on the NBT domain across the K-2 and 3-5 grade levels.
4. As we have done in the past, continue to determine if each individual student would benefit from receiving additional math support one student at a time. We discussed different strategies for creating our math lab groups. Students who receive resource room count as their AIS requirement. If possible, these students will be seen in an additional math lab class period.
5. We discussed which letters to use again this year. Ian will follow up with Mary asking if this should be notification or permission.
6. For now, we are continuing the same plans as we have used in the past school years. We will follow up during the year regarding our use of data.
7. We took some time to login as teachers to see what access they have to the students in the building.
8. We will plan a time to sit at a computer lab to play with Excel.
9. We discussed the current APPR plans that involves your transitional and composite scores.