Math Specialist Meeting


1. Thank you

2. Ongoing Feedback

3. Number Worlds, On Core, & enVision Inventory – What do we need to order this summer?

4. Math Specialist PDP
o Joining/Being Part of the K-5 curriculum work?
o Agenda?
 Math Lab Lesson Structures
 Best/Worst Experiences

5. ST Math
o Summer School
o Math Lab

6. Spring Assessment ...

7. NYS Draft Standards

1. You guys are awesome. Thank you for everything that you do!!

2. Some feedback from district-wide assessments was shared.
2. When staff look at the student scores from the spring assessment answer sheets, be aware that the determination of their level based upon the percent earned, is very subjective. That is, should a 84 be the cut point for a level 4? Since this can not be determined in a reliable way, it is recommended to mainly look at the students percent score.

3. In the near future, please send to me your Number Worlds, On Core and enVision inventory to help with summer orders.
3. Each math specialist plans to get a BUILDING inventory of all items used in the math department, this worksheet may help.

4. We decided to organize our 9 hours, with 6 hours on 7/10, from 11:00 - 5:00, along with 3 hours in early September. Ian will inform everyone how to enroll into this course in our PDP server.

5. We had a in depth conversation about how ST Math will truly support our students transfer their knowledge of math from a digital world, orally and to a paper environment.

6. The kindergarten might have been too easy.

7. To be continued ... once we know the implementation timeline.