Math Specialist Meeting


1. Ongoing Feedback

2. Topic Test Feedback Progress

3. NYS Assessments

4. Math Lab Teaching Conversations
o What topic are you teaching?
o What are you having difficulty with?
o What has been valuable with your students recently?
o Playing/Learning from ST Math
o Other

5. Future Topics to Discuss …

1. Nothing stands out as a concern at this time.

2. All ok with these plans, please continue to request this information from your grade level colleagues. As long as we collect this prior to our summer curriculum writing, the timing of these collections is up to each school.

3. All ok with these plans.

4. We discussed specific skills within certain grade levels and how they align or not to our grade level curriculum.
4. We shared that we are in the topic of fractions within our third grade math lab classes.
4. We believe that using a mixture of the Number Worlds and ST Math programs is ideal for working with our students. We discussed some possible pros and cons of only using the ST Math program, and all believe that only using this program would not be ideal for ANY student.

5. We plan to administer the spring assessment following the same process as we have in past years - using "soft mods".
5. We'll have to get an inventory of the Number Worlds & enVision books within our schools so that we can appropriately order these next summer.

6. We discussed our plans for our future work with Larry Farrell, which Ian will email everyone soon.