Math Specialist Meeting

1. Ongoing Feedback

2. PD with Larry Farrell

3. Greg Tang - Online Resources & The Kits

4. iPad Apps / Motion Math / ST Math

5. Fluency Activities
o Could we create a list of specific activities that we could use with our students, as well as during all math classes?

6. Future Topics to Discuss …
o Using Excel
o Other
1. Many have supported our teachers utilizing the resources with their students. Ian will look into our ability for Darren to create accounts for us in the future.

2. We shared how these have been continued positive experiences from this collaborative work. This work will continue into the future.

3. We discussed different resources that are available from Greg Tang's resources - both online and in print.
3. We will continue chatting about how to eventually implement the puzzle pack with our students.
3. For now, the plan is to purchase one kit per grade level per school. We discussed the need for us to communicate how these resources could be used.

4. We discussed our potential future use of different digital resources - ST Math as well iPad apps.

5. To be continued
6. We might plan to meet in room 211 during our next meeting. Ian will inform you of these plans ahead of time.