Math Specialist Meeting

1. You asked for it … The Wiki is going for good!!

2. Ongoing Feedback

3. Informal Observations

4. ST Math Event – 3/8 @ HS East Lecture Hall, 11:30 – 2:30.

5. Topic Test Feedback Progress

6. Math Lab Teaching Conversations
o What topic are you teaching?
o What are you having difficulty with?
o What has been valuable with your students recently?
o Other

7. Future Topics to Discuss …

1. Ian plans to convert everything over to Google at some point ...

2. We talked about the value of individuals having spatial reasoning, how it is normal that there are some people that are good/bad at this, but that it can improve with practice.
2. We talked about our plans for the upcoming Stony Brook tournament.
2. We talked about the future plans for working with Larry Farrell along with the design of how this will grow into 1/2 day training sessions for our 3rd-5th grade teachers in each school.

3. We chatted about the plans for these to be completed during the rest of the year.

4. We chatted about these plans.

5. We are in good shape regarding our plans about receiving ongoing topic test feedback.

6. We talked about the sequence of topics we have used within the Number Worlds resources, as well as how it relates to the general grade level curriculum.
6. As well as specific strengths within 2nd and 5th grade classes.
6. We discussed the topic pre and post assessments, as well as the benefits for following this practice. We discussed other methods of achieving these same goals and will follow up about this again in the future.

7. Summer school with math lab students?