Math Specialist Meeting


1. Ongoing Feedback

2. Number Worlds Online Access

3. Benchmark Exams

4. PD
o HHHTA ½ Days
o Larry Farrell
o Greg Tang Conference – 12/12/16
o How To Conference – 1/12/17

5. Future Topics to Discuss …
o Using Excel
o Other

1. Mike and Liz will not be part of the math department plans for Superintendent's conference day.
1. We discussed the current supply orders that are coming soon.

2. We discussed the plans for the quantity of online subscriptions we will have within the program. We also discussed our use of the Level C resources.

3. Should these be returned to our families just as the other topic tests are? While chatting with Mary about this concept, we have decided to hand back our benchmark assessments as if they are any other math test. At the same time, follow up conversations will have to occur regarding our students perception on academic integrity - which will include creating multiple versions of these assessments.

4. We discussed all of the different professional development experiences that are occurring this year.

4. For the Greg Tang Conference - Please register online, (before submitting this form, print out the filled in information) and submit this print out and the HHH E1 form to Ian's office.

4. How To - We discussed the possibility of presenting at this conference and/or attending.

5. Once data is available for us we will take the time to discuss the uses of Excel together.

6. iPads - We discussed how using these within our typical classrooms could be a nice transition to eventually using the ST Math program.