Math Specialist Meeting


1. Ongoing Feedback?

2. Resources – Do we need to order anything?
o enVision
o NY Ready Books
o Number Worlds – print and online

3. Summer Curriculum Writing Follow Up
o Feedback
o Unit Tests – More copies? Topics 6-16?
o Greg Tang Copies and Files in Shared Folder
o PWB – 5th Grade?

4. ST Math
a Progress Reports
b 10/19 Training
c Feedback
d Use on an iPad & Clever

5. Pearson Online? Do we use this?

6. Possible PD With Larry Farrell –3-5 groups focusing on “Operations & Algebraic Thinking” (OA)
o 1st – Joining a classroom with Larry
o 2nd – Collaboration dates as a follow up

7. Supt Conf Day Secondary Work

8. Future Topics to Discuss …

1. Math specialists aren't able to create their own xtramath class to monitor their progress.
1. We discussed how some of the apps are out of date, and no longer supported within our iPads.
1. When using the gregtang math games from "the box" of materials, there are video tutorials on how to play them here.
1. We discussed the need for us to remind our teachers about the value, and possible use of the gregtang math puzzles and box of games.
1. Classroom AIS letters - Who creates the family notification letter? Mary and Ian will follow up with the building principals to determine our future actions here. For now, Ian believes that ...
1a. In our self-contained classes, this should come from their self contained teachers.
1b. In our classroom support period, this should come from the principal.
1. We talked about our use of past student data. Specifically, the benchmark and spring assessment data, and how this impacts which students receive math support. Ian can create and share with you ongoing progress reports for your school - just ask.

2. Orders are currently in the process of making their way to HHH.
2. Number Worlds Online Access - we have the following "seats" available:
2nd - 25
3rd - 80
4th - 95
5th - 115

3. Ian will send the remaining topic tests for photocopies for the entire district, without topics 8 & 12.

4a. We looked at a recent ST Math progress report and discussed some possible follow up steps to encourage our use of this program.
4b. We discussed the schedule for tomorrow, including our PDP after the ST Math training.
4d. We are all aware of how to use ST Math on our iPads.

5. Many families access our problem online, so we should continue our access to these resources in the 3rd - 5th grades.

6. Sounds good!!!

7. These resources will be fully discussed during our PDP tomorrow.

8. Let me know if there any topics to talk about in the future.