Math Specialist Meeting


1. Ongoing Feedback

2. Summer Curriculum Wring
o Focusing on updating district-wide assessments
o Other?

o How’s it going? ST Math? Packet of NYSED Questions?

4. Math Lab Curriculum
o Number Worlds - Online & Print
o iPads
o ST Math
o Greg Tang
o Other

5. Future Topics to Discuss …

1. See below.
1. We discussed our current progress and status within our Math Olympiad teams.
1. ST Math Feedback - If desired, you could rearrange the curriculum to force all students to be working on the same objective at the same time. **Make sure this is appropriate for all of your students, and in line with your instructional plans.
1. Greg Tang Resources - We discussed recent experiences of using these resources.

2. We discussed the need to receive feedback from teachers regarding the district-wide tests. Ian will email teachers with these plans, and inform them that the math specialists will collect these in February, as well as in June.
2. These plan appear to be appropriate for where we are at this time of the year. Maybe the 5th grade MITE packet can be adjusted.

3. The packet of released questions may not be the best fit within our 5th grade classes. These questions appear to be too challenging, for this program. Maybe we can take the questions, modify them by making them easier values as well as organizing them by common themes. A new teacher edition would be needed as well.

4. All is good. We have a nice collection of resources to use with our students now.