Math Specialist Meeting


1. Ongoing Feedback

2. Number Worlds Online Access – Feedback & Current Status

3. PD with Larry Farrell – January/February

4. Greg Tang
o Feedback
o Resources?
o Future PD?
 May 7th? December 11th? Greg Tang Jr?

o All ok?
o Resources

6. Fluency Activities
o Could we create a list of specific activities that we could use with our students, as well as during all math classes?

7. Future Topics to Discuss …
o Using Excel
o Other
1. We discussed the need for us all to intentionally try to support and improve our students fluency with their multiplication facts. We took time to think about some possible long term goals and actions to address our concerns. Specifically, we are curious to see the possible value and use of xtramath.

2. All ok with our use of the Number Worlds resources. We like them. We will continue exploring our use of their online resources.

3. We shared some of our current reflections on this work, as well as future plans. Good work is taking place with our colleagues!

4. We took time to explore what resources we would like to acquire from Greg Tang as well as how they could possibly be used with our students, math lab as well as all students. We are considering the follow up work with this family into the future.

5. All ok so far.

6. To be continued for now.

7. When the time is right, we will plan to meet in a computer lab to discuss our use of Excel.