Lesson/Activity Development
Neat Videos showing when will I ever use this stuff?
MathShell - 4 or more downloadable books with contextual settings for secondary math concepts.
30 Elem Math Starters
Common Core Worksheets - Organized by Concept
Georgia's Curriculum Math K-5 Guides
http://eoffeducation.weebly.com/ - Lesson design with video tutorial implementing ideas
qrstuff.com to create qr codes for scavenger hunts
Better Lesson - Many K-12 Lessons with downloadable worksheets organized by CCSS
Learn Zillion Common Core Navigator - Excellent instructional resources organized by CCSS K-12
Rich Mathematical Problems
Common Core Sheets - Manly K-7 concepts available to create your own worksheet
K-12 Tech Tools - Many resources for utilizing instructional technology as well as math specific resources.
MathBits - A site with premade resources for Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus.
K-5 Math Teaching Resources - Shared from AMTNYS
NCTM - Elementary, Middle and High School resources
Jeopardy Games
PI Day Page of Resources
Texas Instruments - Search Standards for Classroom Activities - CCSS and any state standard
Texas Instruments Activities Exchange
Texas Instruments Recommended Activities

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Website containing many math and technology links
Dynamic Paper - A NCTM Illumination activity allowing you to create and save a number line, graph, shape and/or spinner.
Worksheet Developer
Interactive Websites - Quality collection of sites for ELA, math, science and Social Studies containing interactive items.
Numbernut - Elementary math activities with applets embedded within the selected topic.
eMathInstruction - Algebra 2 online materials
MIT OpenCourseWare materials HS courses
17 Ways to Meet Individual Learning Needs in the Math Classroom
Elementary Math Ideas - "Let's Make Math Fun"
NCTM Illuminations - Search for K-12 Lessons by standard
The Jefferson Math Project
Problem Attic
Regents Prep - Oswego Regents Exam Prep Center
Clip Art ETC- Free clipart for students & teachers
Area and Perimeter Website- Excellent website for explaing area and perimeter as well as practice problems (includes irregular shapes)
Excellent non-routine problems organzied per lesson - Purple Math.com
Excellent non-routine problems from national and regional competitions - Mandelbrot.org
Dan Meyer's Website - A math teacher who enters his instructional development from a different perspective. See him on a TED talk here.
Institute of Education Sciences - Resource for educational articles
Math Apps for the iPad
Manchester CT Public Schools - Valuable Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2 Curriculum Resources
Free Handwriting Fonts

Interactive Applets/Games

Einstein's Logic Puzzle Catching the Fish Napper.

Free practice questions in all AP courses for students - Learnerator
NCTM Illuminations - Search for K-12 activities by standard
Interactivate - Searchable activities and interactive applets at shodor.org
List of many valuable math applets and web links
Interactive math activities and games
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive Math activities
Math Score - Interactive CCSS resources per grade level K - Algebra 1
Cool Math
Sumdog - Fun numeracy games
Mangahigh - Visually rich games
Grades 3 - 8 Virtual Manipulatives - Glencoes customizable workspace for manipulatives
Fuel the Brain - Educational resources and games
Create and/or play games
Graphing Coordinates - Billy Bug
Estimation Interactive Tool
Awesome tools with applets and ideas
Visual Display of Percents
Ruler Game
Interactive Charts - Unique charts that become interactive once created.
An Interactive Graph of World Data - gapminder
Math practive activities - iXL
I know that
Kids Zone - Create a Graph
The game SET
GeoGebra - Tool connecting Algebra to Geometry
Online Graphing Calculator - Desmos.com
Games organized by grade level - EZ School
Games organized by grade level - Play Kids Games
Games organized by concept - Math Playground
Games Organized by Grade, Concept or CCSS - Math Nook

Neat Probability Demonstrator
The Weird Number - Story about Rational Numbers
Learn Zillion - Valuale lessons mapped to the CCSS, created by teachers
The Teaching Channel - Excellent Videos of math instruction in action
Excellent site with intriguing pictures and videos - 101 questions
Knowmia - Thousands of Video Lessons on Every Subject
"Great Video Lessons From Great Teachers" - learnzillion.com
Tutorial on creating a video using SMART Notebook
Math in the Movies - short clips of commercials, movies & TV shows
Math train - video tutorials of "kids teaching kids"
Khan Academy Videos

Waldo's Math - Interactive Math Pages for Pre-Algebra through Calculus
Arthur Benjamin - the mathemagician at work
Math A Tube - video tutorials organized by topic
Math Tv - video tutorials organized by topic
Math in movies
Worksheets for different movies
Tutor USA - video tutorials organized by topic
Brightstorm- video tutorials organized by topic

How to do a Math Card Trick
Donald Duck in Mathmagic LandVideo courses from leading universities

Math teacher argues with his shadow during class
April Fools Joke from math teacher
Karl's Calculus Tutor Page

Common Core State Standards Resources

CCSS Home Page & NYSED Common Core Learning Standards

Primary Resources:

engageNY Curriculum Overview Documents - K-5: A Story of Units, 6-8: A Story of Ratios, 9-12: A Story of Functions
New York State Mathematics Curriculum Modules for Grades P-12 - Individual grade level pages are available with extensive resources - lessons, assessments, examples, etc.
Annotated NYS ELA and Math CCSS questions
EngageNY Curriculum Module Updates
PARCC Model Content Frameworks
Engage NY
University of Arizona Progression Documents - Math Conceptual Progressions within the CCSS
NYS Common Core Sample Questions
PARCC Prototype Questions - ELA and Math questions. Digital sample questions can be found here.
Smarter Balanced Sample Math Items - The other consortium preparing national CCSS assessments
The Illustrative Mathematics Project - A collection of tasks/illustrations mapped to the CCSS available in grades K-8
Inside Mathematics - Problems of the Month - Mapped to the CCSS and available in grades K-12
CCSS Math Practices - HHH page to elaborate on these practices
Productive Struggle - HHH page to elaborate on this shift towards struggle being an opportunity, not a sign of weakness
Dan Meyer's inspiring resources
Yummy Math - Ready to use math activities from current events

Additional Resources:

PARCC - Parternship for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers - In the Classroom Website
NYC Department of Education Performance Tasks K - 12th Grade
Georgia Content Area Frameworks - Full modules with many resources
Kansas Association of Teachers of Math - Flipbooks per course & Other Links to Resources
Chicago Public Schools - Math Content Planning Guides, Content Frameworks and Sample Tasks for 6th grade - Geometry
The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox - Sample Course Documents
New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning - Notebook/Presentation files per subtopic for K-Calculus
North Carolina documents for unpacking the CCSS grade level standards
NYC Eduction Department resources of unit plans with annotated student work
CCSS Blog with current information- Monitored by William McCalum, a major contributor and creator of the CCSS
Common Core Conversation - Large list of valuable Resources
The Teaching Channel - Excellent Videos of math instruction in action
Buffalo Diocese - Curriculum documents with essential questions, content, skills and vocabulary
Database to view key math concepts
CCSS Math standards with hyperlinks throughout the document for easy navigation
Rich Mathematical Problems - HHH page to organize valuable problems to utilize
Math Score - Interactive CCSS resources per grade level K - Algebra 1
Missouri Math Teacher Website - Searchable and valuable worksheets per K-5 standard
Webinar from David Coleman, an architect of the CCSS. I recommend viewing parts 3 & 8
Opus - A Free math problem bank aligned to the CCSS, mainly 4th - 8th grade
Better Lesson - Many K-12 Lessons with downloadable worksheets organized by CCSS

Calendar Templates
Moody's Mega Math Challenge
National PTA Guide to Student Success
Common Core State Standards Home Page
Kinesthetic Math Video - Whole Brain Teaching
Museum of Math
Math Midway
International Baccalaureate