Long Island Math Fair

Website with all documents for the fair
Packet with additional research information:
Shown below are the roles of the classroom teacher and independent study advisor in relationship to our students participating in the Long Island Math Fair.

The classroom teacher should ...
  • When and where appropriate, inform their students about this opportunity, and encourage any and all students to consider participating in this valuable experience.
  • Distribute the packet of information containing current dates, forms and meeting times with the building advisor.
    • 2 additional point onto the students second marking period average by submitting a well prepared research paper.
    • 2 additional points onto the students third marking period average by preparing for and attending the first round of the fair.
    • 1 additional points onto the students fourth marking period average by preparing for and attending the final round of the fair.

The math fair advisors should ...
  • Organize and share a packet of current information with all classroom teachers
  • Post this information on their eboard
  • Organize, schedule and advertise meeting times for possible math fair students to meet and discuss their thoughts and work
  • Share previously completed student papers and presentations
  • Assist students with their ...
    • Selection of an appropriate and valuable topic
    • Research
    • Original work
    • Application forms
    • Understanding the rubrics to be used at the fair
    • Presentation development and implementation