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  • 6.5.17 - Try to Watch without crying - “Things don’t always work out the way you’d like.” and eventually … “When you don’t give up, YOU CANNOT FAIL!”
  • 5.22.17 - From Patrick H. - The Cookie Thief -
  • 5.15.17 - Learn from Mistakes -
  • 5.1.17 - Don't Give Up - Sesame Street
  • 4.24.17 - Cows vs. Buffalo - - The Pain Paradox
    “Easy short term choices, lead to difficult long term consequences. Meanwhile … Difficult short term choices lead to easy long term consequences.”
    That is, what seems easy in life; eating whatever we want, taking a day off from school/work, buying on credit, not investing in one’s self, seem easy in the short term. Versus, putting in the extra work, working out when we don’t feel like it, or taking a positive attitude when we face adversity. Which leads to a more productive and happier life?

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Why Study Math?

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